Wednesday, November 11, 2015

v2 Refined - Rocker Makeover Part II

So, yesterday we left you with the nearly naked rocker, just waiting for a facelift.
How did it turn out?  Well, I'm glad you asked . . . 

The Retired UPS Man had some help in the recovering process.  Semi-retired sister-in-law Judy came to share her recovering expertise.  (She still works one day a week and we hear about it.  So, we must acknowledge that she is not fully retired.)

The springs were still in excellent shape; however, new foam was a must.
Then, using the old cover as a template, the new material could easily be cut to the appropriate size.

We don't want to get the Retired UPS Man in trouble, but I would be willing to bet he would say working with a sister-in-law creates less arguments than if he were working with his wife.

If asked, he would just duck his head, shake his head, chuckle under his breath, lift his hat, scratch his head and walk away.  No denial and no confirmation either.

 Final staples in place.  Tacks in the front add a vintage feel that the rocker needs.

A throw pillow to accent the colors in the new fabric

It is going to be so hard to not keep this one.  The perfect fabric to show off the gorgeous wood.  Gonna have to make sure it ends up in the booth.  I have a feeling the smooth rock and fabulous restoration, this one will not be parted with easily.


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